It oozed cheese

I have been really busy with my new job and then got really sick so I haven’t had a lot of time to blog but this is the pay off. Out at Acme I found these two gems

That’s right Horror Cinema 24 features, or over 28 hours of horror over 6 discs. That’s right a whopping mind numbing shit ton of cheesy horror. I was stoked until I noticed who released this set. Echobridge entertainment. They grab movies from the public domain and put them in sets like this.

That’s not a bad thing because sets like these are pretty rad because you do get a few stinkers but then you get classics like Carnival Of Souls, Silent Night Deadly Night and Dementia 13.

Inside the box it’s a mess. I paid 10 bucks for these bitches the least you could do is protect the discs. Instead they’re just piled on top of each other.

Notice how cool the Grindhouse Gore Collection looks? The movies are on double sided discs which is a pain in the ass but you at least know what disc you’re dealing with and notice the sleeves? Look at this mess

Just six discs that aren’t numbered but do have a cool graphic but the titles are only printed on the back of the DVD box so if the discs aren’t put back correctly you’ll end up swearing in ten seconds because each disc only holds four movies and have no titles.

The bottom line here is I plan on watching these regardless of how bad the transfers are. I know exactly what I paid for and in sets like these the most important thing is getting your money’s worth. Are they boxed cheaply? Of course but the important thing is the films. These are films that have been rescued from obscurity so a guy like me can waste a few hours watching cheesy horror flicks.

No matter how laughingly bad some of these may be I love that there are a shit load of Lugosi and Karloff films here to check out. Will I blog about all 48 (that’s both sets)? I’ll do my best.


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