I was cell phoneless for four days and I couldn’t help but think; What the hell did I do before the technology became such a huge part of my life? When I was a kid we were just getting rid of eight tracks and had an Atari that had the shittiest graphics you have ever seen.

     I spent those four days cut off from society. No Facebook, no texts. The first two days were rough. What in the hell was I going to do? My phone has become such a huge part of my life but then I began to see that I was just like everyone else. I was quite dependent on my phone and once I no longer had it I was losty.

   The cell phone has become an extension of who we are. We hardly ever make actual calls just texts. When mine died I had no idea what I was supposed to do. All my books were on my phone and I began to see all these hours stretched out before me and only had work to fill some of them.

     I muddled through and found that I had a lot I could do to fill my time. I watched a few movies, listned to music on cd and cassette, and read books on the front porch.I discovered that technology had eradicated boredom but once it’s gone you’re left to your own devices.

     Now that we have smart phones we no longer have to be bored. There is always something to occupy our time. It wasn’t always that easy. We had to find something to entertain us to make the day go by faster. Not anymore. Boredom was something we just had to deal with.

     Now I’m wrapping this up so I can delve into a kick ass book that smells amazing and has actual pages.