Holy crap!

     The other day I got this notice from WordPress saying I had gotten 50 followers. It weirded me out for a minute because all these crazy thoughts startedbrunning through my head. Does this mean I finally have my own cult? Am I like the Charles Manson of WordPress? Healter Skelter is coming down fast! Kill the piggies!

     I realize I spelled Helter Skelter wrong but that was actually written on a door found at Spahn ranch. Did I spell that right? I have to make light of the fact that I now have 50 readers. I never got into this to have a bunch of followers. It’s cool that people are noticing but I just wanted a place to vent and have fun. WordPress has given me that and it has been a blast.

     To all 50 of my followers thanks for reading. I had no idea that so many people were reading and it makes me feel a little weird. No one ever comments and I always assumed I was writing just to amuse myself. I would get likes but I never got comments. I still don’t.

       So the obvious question is now what? Should I pull a Miley Cyrus and twerk every single one of you or pull an Amanda Bynes and go on a bender? The options are endless. The blog isn’t going to change. Sure you’ll have the serious stuff but I have a dark twisted sense of humor as well. I like poking fun at shitty pop singers and I

look at the world a little differently than most folks.

     For those that are reading again I thank you. Leave a comment or two. I hope you keep reading and maybe laugh a little. If you must know a little about me I am an avid reader that enjoys splatterpunk and bizarro fiction, I love horror movies including the shitty b rated abominations. My three favorite bands are Rush, Tool, and The Beatles and yes ladies I am single.


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