Mothman 2013

     I’m a huge fan of random off the wall stuff so when my best friend suggested we go to Point Pleasant West Virginia to check out the Mothman Festival I was all for it because the way she suggested it made perfect sense. A random thing to do just to say we did it. Everyone takes a road trip to somewhere totally off the wall. It’s just who we are and what we do. Everyone takes that one road trip to have a cool story to tell.

     The Mothman, depending on who you are is either a myth or an actual creature that may or not exist. There are people who swear they saw him and of course you have people who are willing to debunk whatever claims there are. In some instances the appearances seem tied into the collapse of the Silver Bridge so he may have come to warn them.

Regardless the drive from Ohio to Point Pleasant is in fact pleasant. There was idea that this festival would be crazy and fun but when we got there we drove past it three times. Usually when there’s a festival there are arrows and signs but we got nothing of the sort. These people are proud of the Mothman but if you’re from out of town good luck finding it.

We did drive over two bridges one of which was the rebuilt Silver Bridge that collapsed in ’66. It has a weird vibe because the bridge is tied into the myth of the Mothman so all you can really think is what these people were thinking as this thing collapsed. There is no land underneath it you so you hit water. That is a horrible way for anyone to die.

Once we found the Mothman festival it wasn’t what I expected. Point Pleasant is a small town anyway so the festival was just maybe two blocks long and there are all sorts of vendors and booths that are somehow linked to the Mothman legend.

These are hardcore mother fucking paranormal researchers that will throw all these weird scenarios at you and truly live for this shit. Once you get through that you have the monster hunters that are there because it all ties into the Bigfoot and other legends.

While the festival itself was a bit dissapointing there was the Mothman Museum which had a lot of props from the movie and videos that make you wonder if it was in fact real and not a bunch of crazy people with a mass delusion.

I did get to be the Mothman which was pretty cool. How many of you can say that for a second you were in fact the Mothman? Nope you can’t.

As I walked through the town I could see that there was a great deal of history to Point Pleasant. The Mothman is a huge part of who they are but so is the American Civil War and a haunted hotel

The town itself is kind of, well a lot creepy. It’s one of those places you want to spend a weekend in because you know it’s haunted. There were a great deal of deaths here and if a town were haunted this would be it. The Mothman is pretty damn cool but there’s more going on and I was really surprised by it. You never expect all these other stories and historical facts but they sometimes come up.

There were a lot of odd people walking around and they all looked off but maybe it was just the festival that brought in these odd crazy looking people. Look what they came to see for God’s sake. A fucking Mothman.

The high point of Point Pleasant was a cemetary right in the center of town. This place had a vibe that told you this was a place you needed to be in the dark. These were grave from the 1800’s that in some places had deteriorated so badly there were no longer any headstones just a worn place in the grass.

Death seemed to plaugue the town and again I was filled with awe that a place like this could exist. The trip initially was about the Mothman but ended up being more than I imagined. I don’t know if my side kick felt the same way but I thought that there was so much sadness there it didn’t seem possible for it to continue thriving.

Have you ever been to Mineral Wells West Virginia? It’s a very cool small town that has all these twisty roads and if you go deep into town the roads become gravel and clay and narrow. You look on either side of you and you notice that there is nothing beside you. The land just drops and one wrong turn your dead.

This is where my best friend actually grew up and I swear I heard banjos. I read The Woods Are Dark and Creekers but I have never been in places like this and it frightened me. I kept looking out for good ol’ boys who were sex crazed and retard strong. It’s not the kind of place you want to break down.

The side trip was cool even though I kept thinking we were going to plunge our deaths. People would pass by and wave and all I kept thinking was we are going to slide off the road and die. Despite that it was so desolate it was almost soothing once you got over the mind numbing terror.

Would I ever venture back to either town? Hell yeah. The lure of the ghosts of Point Pleasant and the chance to see the house my best friend grew up in make a second trip necessary. There is a lot more I would like to see and at some point I’ll venture back.


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