Life At 40

     I always thought that when I got older I wouldn’t be one of “them“. You know what I’m talking about. I’m the guy listening to Linken Park trying to figure out why they’re so whiny. Every Linken Park cd should come with a gun and tissues. I always wonder if the lead singer is curled up in a ball sobbing like a bitch after singing this bullshit.

     Men don’t talk about “feelings”. Hell, I’m old school if a bitch breaks your heart you fuck her best friend or if you’re a nasty bastard you fuck her sister. That is what men do. I remember the first time I heard Staind I was going through some heavy shit so I could identify with it but once I stepped back and realized what the fuck I was listening to I started laughing.

     The lyrics were so fucking whiny and just beyond anything a man should be singing about. Outside is one of the creepiest fucking songs songs I have ever heard. I keep Staind on my phone’s mp3 player as a reminder of how real men shouldn’t act. We are men and men don’t ever admit to women just how much they have fucked us up.

     It gives women power and control and once the relationship ends she’ll tell her friends that you’re a whiny bitch. If you listen to this shit you’re not sensitive you’re a pussy. No woman is gonna look at you the same way if you tell her to listen to Staind. She’ll laugh at you.

     I assumed that as I got older I would just evolve and embrace all sorts of new ideals and thought patterns but the way people act and think baffles me. I thought society would somehow evolve or morph into something great but I have yet to see that happen.

     We became politically correct which really makes me giggle. How in the fuck did that happen and when did people become so sensitive? Now we can’t say certain words because it may offend somone. Who the fuck cares! When did we become so fucking weak? Now there are certain words you just can’t say but what if by accident I call someone a retarded faggot? They’re just words and if they offend someone so what?

     I am now forty years old and laugh at all those that are politically correct and afraid that someone may be offended by something that I said. We’re all adults here people. I’m old school. I will never be polite or politically correct. I’m just not wired that way. I guess the big thing now is to apologize if we offend someone. Not gonna happen. Ever.

     I have not evolved as well as I had hoped. I still listen to the same music Iistened to when I was a teenager and really really try and tolerate newer music. Some of it’s ok but it’s just too angry or whiny. I remember when music was fun and then Nirvana came along and ruined it. I like how grunge was heralded as the future of music but only lasted two years.

     All those bands sounded the same. They were all wearing dirty flannel shirts and staring at their shoes. They bored everyone to death and the music was shit. I was eighteen when grunge hit and it went right over my head. I couldn’t understand why these people were so unhappy. Maybe if they got laid they’d make better music but  then suddenly they were all gone.

     The only bright spot I guess was in my reading material. I have always been a horror fan. It just went hand in hand with the metal. It just made sense. I have always read whatever I find interesting. I love books like The Handmaid’s Tale and 1984. These books resonated with me and made me look at the world differently. I doubt if anyone does that anymore.

     I still love horror but have branched into bizarro and splatterpunk because it facinates me to no end. The thing is if you know me it just fits into my personality. Mixed in the classic horror and other random books you’ll see stuff that doesn’t seem to fit and I love that. I have never been the type of person that fits into a category and as I get older it’s a pattern that seems to stay pretty consistent.

     I never imagined that I would actually turn forty. Does anyone? It just kinda creeps up on you. You wake up one morning and there it is. The hair looks a little grayer but the Motley Crue still sounds just as good as it did back in ’83. Yeah, I’m old fucking deal with it.


2 thoughts on “Life At 40

  1. You are sensitive aren’t you.. I promise I won’t post the pictures of you in the sparkly catsuit..

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