The evils of Facebook

     I was going to wait awhile before writing a blog but I have a night in which I am wide awake and coherent. I also have noticed that when listen to Dave Matthews Band I tend to relax a bit which is pretty cool. I think it’s important to have music that relaxes and sooths the soul.

     I have no idea why Dave Matthews relaxes me but it does. I put on The Lillywhite Sessions and I’m at peace. You can tell me that my dog died or that I have cancer and it just doesn’t matter. The is thing I haven’t been able to do is stop thinking. Ever have that problem? I usually don’t but damn it today I do.
     Someone mentioned on Facebook that I brag too much. I shouldn’t mention how many hours I work or anything that would seem bragging. I always thought people would bitch about the swearing or the fact that I take too many pictures of myself in public bathrooms but no that wasn’t it.

     Why do I take so many pictures in random bathrooms? I have no fucking idea. I go in to take a piss and I figure hell, while I’m here why not snap a picture of me throwing up the devil horns.


     It just looks pretty rad and I guess part of the fun is that someone could walk in and see this. Every bathroom I hit I do this. Not this pose mind you, but a selfie in front of a mirror.


     I don’t wave my dick about or act like a whore but it has just become this thing I do. The shittier the bathroom the happier I am. I don’t mean shitty as in feces painted on the wall or piss puddles on the floor shitty, I just mean small, or with a full trash can behind me.

     To be honest it all started as a goof. My ex-wife would send me these while we were out and it was my way of making fun of this idea that bathroom pics were somehow cool. They aren’t. I know this and so does everyone else. That’s why I would take a picture like this in a church bathroom


     Back to the bragging. I feel as if I have a right to brag a little. I have been through hell and it’s pretty rad to be at a place in my life where I am not only happy but making money. A year ago I didn’t have shit. My house was gone, I was barely working and now I have a job that allows me to be comfortable. Why the hell wouldn’t I brag?

     Of course it dawned on me that people are always going to be miserable no matter what. They are going to be miserable and bitter regardless. It’s just their nature. They won’t be happy unless everyone else is just as bitter and miserable as they are. When you refuse they get upset and become jealous whiner babies.

     When you work hard and become proud of what you’ve accomplished why not shout that shit from the fucking rooftops? Just because there are those that don’t have jobs I’m supposed to keep silent. I refuse. I’m happy that I have been through hell and back. It’s not my fault that there are people that don’t work as many hours as I do or don’t have jobs.

     If it bothers people so much why do they still follow me on Facebook? If I make them that miserable why stick around? Could it be the random bathroom pictures or the endless supply of fucked up status updates? I have no filter. I will throw out whatever pops into my head and rarely give it a thought. Does that make me lose sleep? No.

     If you’re proud of where you are in life share that shit. Make others see just how rad your life is. I never in a million years thought of it as bragging but some people do but guess what? Fuck you. I am able to do what I want and it doesn’t bother me that there are those that can’t afford half the shit I buy and so what. If I want to hit up EBay and buy a few Tool t-shirts I will and I will take pictures of the food I am eating because guess what? I worked my ass off to eat at that restaurant and I want everyone to eat there because the food is fucking amazing.

    Now I leave you with this fucked up picture of me in a floppy pink hat



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