Vulgar Women Are Sexy

     I saw a post on Facebook that made me think about women and swearing and how if a woman says; “Eat my pussy,” It’s not insulting. If any thing, when a chick tells you to eat her pussy you better eat that pussy.

     I find women who swear sexy. I can’t be the only one. In bed I like a chick that will talk nasty as long as she doesn’t put a finger in my ass. That to me is insulting. Telling me to fuck you like a two dollar whore doesn’t bother me at all but a finger in my ass does.

     For some reason women are supposed to be fragile and pure but the very first time I heard a chick swear I got an erection. If I’m arguing with a woman I want her to swear at me, I want her to call me names and make me feel bad about myself. Some people are already offended by this blog and I don’t understand why. Haven’t you ever found a vulgar chick hot?

     What I find interesting is that I have dated several woman in my life time and not once have I ever heard a chick tell me to put my cock in her mouth. Not once. You hear it all the time in porn but never in real life. They never demand that and some would be shocked and hurt that you have even considered sticking your dick in her mouth. I can count on one hand how many chicks have done that and I have run out of fingers and toes counting the chicks that don’t.

     Head is a birthday, Christmas, and anniversary gift. If you’re married those are some kick ass holidays. Free head days were always good days. Before I got married head was a frequent occurrence. Found out that if a woman blows you while your dating she won’t blow you after your married. That’s how women trap men.

     A lot of us want a chick we can take home to our mom. I understand that because I have a mother and I would never bring a stripper or a porn star home to meet my mom but I’m also realistic. It doesn’t matter if the woman swears as long as she has some self control. She knows she has to make a good impression and if she fails, your mother will make her life a living hell. She will always be that girl that mom hates.

     There is nothing worse than taking home a chick who sounds like she has a bad case of Tourette’s. There has to be a line in the sand and a woman should be able to complete a sentence without a fuck or shit in front of your mother. It’s an unwritten law like no finger in my ass.

     The sad thing is that of my mother knew half the things I’ve done to my ex-wife and girlfriends she’d be mortified. Hell, half of the shit I’ve done I’m sort of mortified by but as human we have to explore and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

     While as offensive as this blog may be why is it offensive? Is it the idea that women aren’t supposed to say fuck? I am attracted to women who swear and smoke. I also like women who can actually converse and are intelligent and if she swears on top of that she is perfect.

     I hate stupid women that try hard to hold onto this idea that men want their women dumbed down. Fuck that. I want a woman that will challenge me and keep me interested. Fuck the mystery and the expectations. I want a chick who is smart and has no problem using big words to make fun of me.

     One thing that always threw was women in porn who want to be fucked in the ass. All I ever heard was not in the butt, not in the butt. It was almost like a song. Before sex I would even sing it. That was off limits and I never even thought about it until I was told I couldn’t do it.

        I was dating a woman once and all of a sudden she utters the porn phrase and I was stunned. Really? You want me to put it there? All those years of programming and the mantra of not in the butt, not in the butt and suddenly you’re telling me you want it there? I have never had that happen again.

     So now that half of my subscribers have abandoned ship I should stop. Vulgar women aren’t supposed to be sexy. They aren’t supposed to show you their tits and ask if one looks bigger than the other. Fact all women have one tit that’s larger than the other. I have no idea why but they do.

     I’m going to keep an eye for the challenging woman and I don’t give a fuck what she looks like as long she’s intelligent and keeps me from growing bored. I wonder how many people are still reading this? Maybe one or two? I am really going to hate going through the comments on this one.


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