My 100 book challenge is almost over

     My year is almost up and I have no idea if I’ve even cracked 100 books. Seems like I may have come close but I didn’t keep track. I was too busy reading. I may do a hundred next year as well and damnit I’ll keep track next year. A lot of people are really confused at this point. Yes, I said I would read a hundred books in one year but failed to keep track. Doesn’t really make sense does it?

     What I have discovered this year is that reading once again became fun. In this quest to read so many books I discovered a ton of great and not so great books. Thanks to the beauty of Amazon I was able to find tons of new writers and that when it comes down to it the indie authors are really the best thing to happen to books in quite some time.

     This was a year in which I discovered awesome companies like Dynatox Ministries and Strangehouse books. These are companies that have a huge cult following and let’s be honest, if you buy books you buy from an author you trust. With Dynatox and Strangehouse I buy because I trust the company. Eraserhead Press is slowly gaining my loyalty as well as Grindhouse Press.

     It was  Great year for Bizarro fiction as well. I have read a lot of Allen Spencer, Jimmy Motherfuckin Pudge and of course Jordan Krall. These are authors you need to check out. Horror was good to me too. I discovered William Malmborg and Edward Lee, and Brian Smith. I read a lot of off the wall books and that is what makes this 100 book challenge so much fun.

     The point is if it hadn’t been for this challenge I wouldn’t have discovered all of these great books. Have there been clunkers? Of course. There have been more than a few that I have given up on and at some point I may actually try and read them again.

     People that don’t read won’t understand why I’m writing this and I wouldn’t expect you too. If anyone is looking to do a challenge like this you have to read what you love and sometimes even step out of your comfort zone. That is the key to doing it. If you constantly think of it as a challenge you’ll lose interest. Reading should be fun and not something you are forced to do.

     I have enough books to start this challenge all over again and of course you’d have to be a bit of a geek to see why this is so much fun. It’s not really the idea of reading a hundred books that matters. It’s finding books that appeal to you and keeping your brain from turning to mush. No one wants a mushy brain.

     I had an exgirlfriend who was puzzled by the challenge and couldn’t understand why I was even reading. I honestly don’t want to turn out like her. Reliant on the television for news and ignorant of the written word. She also spoke like she was uneducated. That was a real turn off for me. I’m not attracted to stupid women. Never have been.

     How boring it must be to not read. How uninteresting and dull these people must be. What could you talk about? With people that don’t read there’s a lack of intelligence there and also a disconnect. What could we have in common aside from movies? There’s really nothing that o

     What I read is also a concern for people. I read books that people just don’t get and that’s perfectly fine because we’re all into different things. I just choose subject matter that most people don’t understand. Bizarro makes me giggle and keeps my mind fresh. Splatterpunk just keeps me from growing bored and yes, I do sometimes read normal books. They’re normal to me anyway.

     As I wrap this up I encourage people to read. Doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s something that you enjoy. is a great place to find titles that are reviewed by the community and not some pencil pusher.

     I also have to thank Chosen who has been an awesome stalker. She reads my reviews and keeps me on this quest to find something even more bizarre and nastier than anything I have reviewed before. Thankfully that hasn’t happened yet ans if it does I’ll have to stop reviewing books.

     Here’s the sites to Dynatox and Strangehouse. Buy some books and read some high quality stuff. and




4 thoughts on “My 100 book challenge is almost over

  1. The challenge! I forgot all about the challenge..You now have to go back and count them all and figure it out. I don’t believe it is anywhere near 100..It has to be at 100. Almost 100 is not 100.

  2. Hi, What a great challenge. Well done you. I think I shall check out that site. Thanks for posting. All the best for the 2014 challenge 🙂

    • Goodreads has been pretty helpful. If you read bizarro fiction check out the Strangehouse and Dynatox sites. As a reader this has been an awesome year to stretch out and explore different genres

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