2014 Book Challenge

     Well, I actually did what I set out to do this year and that was read 100 books. Last count was 93 but I read enough to push me over. Think about it for a second, allow it to sink in. I read one hundred books in 2013.

     That’s a hell of a lot of books and I know that a lot people are trying to figure out how I Did it and maybe even why. I read a lot. I average maybe two or three books a week. The genre I read the most of only publish short novels which usually never top 200 pages so that helps. I also work third shift and my job gives me ten hours that have to be filled somehow so I read or sometimes I’ll write a write a blog.

     If you’ve seen my Goodreads page you’ll see that I don’t read your typical book and this year will be more of the same. I have this odd quest to find as much horror from the eighties that I can find and I have such a massive collection the challenge for 2014 is going to be a lot of fun.

     Expect more of the same. The bizarro, the splatterpunk, and other books that you would assume I wouldn’t even be into.  This year I became comfortable with what I read. I became totally absorbed in books that most people hadn’t heard of and I finally enjoyed reading again.

     The question now is what is my goal for 2014? I did a hundred this year so why not try for 200 this year. Sounds reasonable. I have enough books in my Kindle and piled in my bedroom to surpass that goal and the local thrift stores always have something that I can add to my collection.

     Here’s a link to my Goodreads page. Feel free to browse around and add me if you like. Just be warned that there are a lot of titles there that you may find offensive. It gives you an idea of what kind of dude I am.  These books are really just a part of what makes me who I am. Without these books and the movies I watch I’d be pretty fucking boring. I am quite boring but you can’t say that I’m uninteresting. https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/14717322



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