Read An E-book Week

     I had no idea that it was read an e-book week and in all fairness do we really need this? I’m the kind of guy that promotes literacy and hate it when I get texts from people appear as if they’ve allowed a toddler to take over their cellphone. If I give a girl my number and I get a text with words missing or misspelled it drives me bat shit crazy and yes, I lose interest. Is that shallow? I am attracted to women that can speak, and carry a conversation. Nothing bothers me more than a woman who is unintelligent. If all she watches are reality shows or sends me a text with just letters I start to lose interest. I have dated women who can’t read and I felt as if I was drowning. I get that a lot of people don’t read the types of books that I read but there are other books. There are other genres, other topics that I have read about so it’s not like I can’t talk to people and I want a woman that has an opinion about something other than television. There is nothing hotter than a smart chick. I will use the phone number as a test. If I give a text from a woman that looks like her three year old wrote it I knock off some points. We start at ten and work our way down. Am I being unfair? Perhaps I am but to me a smart and intelligent woman is sexy. If a chick wears glasses I’ll admit that I’m turned on by that. Any woman can do slutty but not many chicks can pull of smart.

     This whole read an e-book week is an interesting idea and I can understand the reluctance to dive balls deep into the digital format. There’s the smell of old books that really appeals to me and you of course don’t get that with the e-book. The downside of course is the price of ebooks. Popular Kindle titles are still really expensive but I guess people are still buying them. What really drew me in was the convenience. If you read a lot the e-book is ideal and you can take a hundred books with you where you go. As an avid reader I always take  a book with me but if the book sucks then what? I went digital three years ago and I have no problem switching between physical and digital copies of books. There are quite a few purists that see the digital book as the spawn of Satan and I don’t get it, i just don’t get it. It has actually made reading a lot easier and I swear as a fan of all books I don’t gave a damn if you read a digital copy or a physical copy as long as people are reading. Somehow people forget that point though.
     I like Read an e-book week and here’s why. Discounted Kindle titles. Purely selfish reasons but shit I like that a lot of really cool titles are being marked down to like a buck ninety-nine. Who wouldn’t celebrate the hell out of that? Publishers want readers so they cut prices. Simple economics and a lot of great books are now affordable. Fuck the idea that less an less people are reading, but we have to get them to buy Kindles and Nooks, and what the hell else is there? There is a digital book war people and we as consumers are in the shit. Why did I choose Kindle over Nook anyway? I already had an Amazon account and hadn’t even heard of Nook until a year later but I do read in different formats. I have been asked to review books and they send whatever’s available so you have to adapt. I have a lot of ebooks and a lot of them were freebies but I have I made amends and bought a lot of Kindle titles. Of course now that it’s Read an Ebook week I plan on spending a lot more. I need to do my part to spread the word damnit! This is the time where they dress the digital books up in slutty outfits and publishers pray that you embrace the digital format.

     The book snobs will of course attack and defend the traditional books honor as if she’s suddenly a drunken whore. Those of us who read ebooks will be called traitors but it’s okay. I’ve been called lots of things and a traitor isn’t so bad. Tradition is a sacred thing but again, as long as people are reading who gives a fuck. I embrace both formats and I will continue to do so until I can no longer read. I support this Read an Ebook Week and check this shit out


     I am totally on board and will pass on as many freebies and discounted titles as I possibly can and to prove that I do in fact read e-books I will now take a screen shot of my Kindle app.


     I am into this whole week of read an e-book and have already started. I actually started ahead of everyone so I apologize. If you want some cool book ideas look me up on Goodreads the link is here but if you’re easily offended maybe you should stay away. Read an e-book this week and check out for some cool stuffs as well as Amazon or wherever else  e-books are sold.


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