Taylor Swift Is The Devil

    Somehow I lost all my readers. I have no idea where they went. I must have either become too offensive or too boring or quite possibly both. I’m brain storming and trying to figure out how to bring in more readers but I can’t post breast-feeding pics and my ass is too hairy to show people. I could take a bunch of pictures of my ass but no one wants to see that shit do they? Alyssa Milano posts breast-feeding selfies and people lose their fucking mind but when that other chick poses nude it’s like the greatest thing since sliced bread. Are breast feeding selfies really that offensive?  I get it . People don’t want to see that shit and for good reason. These are breasts with a baby attached to them. They kind of lose their hotness don’t they? You can’t show people babies attached to boobies. It’s not right and who wants to see that shit? Give me more lesbian sex on Orange Is The New Black. I want to see two hot chicks get it on man. A woman breast-feeding isn’t attractive at all and why the hell would I want to see that shit on my instagram feed. Maybe if it wasn’t Alyssa Milano then it would be okay. You take some random woman in some small town breast-feeding people won’t lose their shit or may we’ve become so fucked up as a society that everything suddenly offends us except photoshopped ass and titties. I think I need to take some more selfies. Show off my shit a little. Dance with my shirt off or breast feed some babies. 


Taylor Swift is now the devil which amuses me a great deal. Suddenly U2 Isn’t such a bunch of rich assholes. They gave away their album away free and people lost their shit but suddenly when Taylor Swift decides not to allow Spotify to stream her music it’s like the end of the world. When Lars Ulrich went up against Napster he was labeled a rich rock star asshole that people made fun of and now Taylor Swift is doing it and now people are calling her an asshole. What’s the big fucking deal anyway? She did create the music right? Why shouldn’t she get paid for it? That’s what people aren’t getting. She has a right to do whatever she wants with her music. The thing is that people think that just because she’s rich she should lighten the hell up but it’s her job to create music so why shouldn’t she get paid? I made fun of Lars for being an asshole but he had a point. Why should people be getting his shit for free. Taylor should be paid for allowing her music to be streamed and now people are calling her the devil may actually be right but Taylor Swift is fucking nuts. You don’t fuck with crazy chicks. It’s a rule. Of course when it comes to artists they shouldn’t be compensated for something they created right? Don’t be an asshole. Once she records the record and it’s sold everywhere streaming the damn thing for pennies isn’t going to fuck up her income stream. When you give that record away you are the worst band on the planet though. I’ve heard both records and I’ll take the new U2 record because it’s ten times better. Maybe if they take their shit away from all streaming sources people will see just how fucking insane people are.


So what can I do to build back my readers? I’m a horror writer and a father who is just struggling to keep my head above water. The working poor continue to get fucked while the poor in this country are entitled to some really great benefits. I have a lot of fun writing this shit and I thank God that I don’t live in New York right now. Those people are buried under mountains of snow. They can’t get out of their homes and here I am struggling to come up with a decent Maybe I have lost my touch or have somehow become bored writing this shit every week. Who cares what I write anyway? I work so much that I have no social life. The economy is still fucked up and here I sit addicted to Netflix. We need Netflix though. It tells cable that we no longer need them. It’s like standing up to Taylor Swift and telling her to eat a dick. We found a new way to get your shit. Is an addiction to Netflix harmful? Is this what my life has become? Episodes of Orange Is The New Black while I work on my new novel. When did getting older become so mundane? I need a damn adventure. I need to stop watching Netflix and find a new hobby.