Floppy Hats And Ghost Whisperer

Has it really been four months since my last blog? I should offer an apology or something but I’ve been busy and well, and I honestly haven’t had a whole lot to say. Life’s been good. I haven’t got a reason to complain and bitch. What advice can I give you people that hasn’t already been given? I think I should use this to update how my writing career is going. I have to say that it’s crazy that I am now a published author. I’m actually doing what I set out to do when I was twelve or so. As a horror fan I want to try and add to the genre and try and keep it fresh and interesting. I think all writers have that same goal. If you find that you have nothing to offer why in the hell would you keep writing?

For me life hasn’t sucked in quite some time. You would think at some point the wheels would fall right off the fucker but so far I’m still rolling along. The ride has been smooth as fuck and I’m not even wearing a helmet which I don’t recommend at all. What if the wheels fall off and I hit my head? There goes my writing career. I can’t write if my brains are leaking out of my head. It would look kinda cool, but messy as all hell. I would need a drip pan so could pour them back into my skull. I’d look like Frankenstein’s monster. I doubt that I would even be able to walk let alone write and wiping my ass would be totally out of the question. I would need to have someone do that for me. I would just yell:”I made a doody!” And someone would be there to wipe my dirty ass. What a job. You can glamorize that at all.


As you can see nothing’s changed. I am a selfie taking machine. Life is all about living and doing whatever you want as long as you don’t hurt anyone. It took me a long time to get to a place where I am totally satisfied with who I am and what I’ve accomplished. I have an amazing woman beside me that supports me which is important. You have a lot of people who are in relationships that want to change the person they’re with. That makes no sense to me because that changes the person you fell in love with, I met someone who I enjoy being with and she loves me even when I do shit like this.


I like that hat and wanted to buy it but Mindy said no. Mindy is a huge influence on me and I was worried that being in love with someone would make me soft and shit, but I still have my edge which is a good thing.

I do have to confess that I have been binge watching Ghost Whisperer. I had no idea that this was a chick show until Mindy pointed it to me.


Jennifer Love Hewitt can see and talk to ghosts which sounds pretty bad ass. I thought it was anyway. I think sometimes you just need to unwind and watch something mindless and yes, I have also been known to watch some Charmed, but that show is fucking bad ass. These are sisters who are witches!  That’s the problem with Netflix. There is so much shit to watch and sometimes I may watch the occasional episode of Pretty Little Liars but does that make me a wimp? I bet I’m not the only guy that watches this shit and for the record Jennifer Love Hewitt is hot. I said it and I have no shame in saying it.

On the writing front Legacy II has been picked up by JEA and I have a ton of new stories coming out in a few anthologies. You can follow me here http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00NJG34BO and here https://www.facebook.com/michaelnoeslegacy?ref=hl

When will this stuff be released? I have no idea but check those websites out occasionally and pick up Legacy if you haven’t already.