Goodbye 2015

God I wish I could say that that last year sucked. We’re on the doorstep of 2016 and I have once again avoided any scandals, and overly embarrassing behavior. Let’s be honest and say that in public I haven’t done anything stupid. I wasn’t caught snorting cocaine off of a stripper’s tits, I wasn’t caught stalking anyone unless you count Mindy but I don’t think that counts. We live together so I’m supposed to be close to her and for the record in the year that we’ve lived together I have yet to watch her sleep. Of course 2016 is a new year, and there’s 365 days in which I can lie awake and watch her sleep.

I can tell you that I have done the Buffalo Bill dance a few times but you can’t really blame me You’ve done it too. It’s like a solo flash mob except your weenie’s tucked in. I also can tell you that 2015 has been dick pic free. Not one dick pic has been sent from my phone, but again the year is new. I have 365 days to surprise Mindy with all sort of cool shit. I can give you some ideas, but she reads this blog and if I reveal this shit then she’ll know what she’s in for. That ruins the surprise. Can I promise not to do the Buffalo Bill dance in 2016?  No I cannot. She should know that I love her and cannot promise no Goodbye Horses in the upcoming new year.


This was an awesome year for me. I have finally reached a level where I’m proud of my writing and have been published quite a bit this year. I have yet to purchase all of the anthologies that I’m in but I have a few. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing my name in print. As a writer that spends hours creating the whole goal is to have people see it. I took part in a few writing contests which I may not have won, but I came in 5th in one and even was featured in an anthology for a story that I had serious doubts about. You see the thing is that no matter how you feel about your writing you never really know how good you are until you send it out. Odds are people are going to dig it. I did almost quit, but the thing is I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I have too many stories to tell. I can’t walk away now.

I can tell you that when the writing feels like a job, or stops being fun then I’ll quit. There would be no reason to continue. Why would I? I have a lot to say so odds are that 2016 is going to see my writing out more, and soon Legacy II will be unleashed. I also have a new book that will follow that. I just need to finish editing it and get it subbed. The writing is what has really made this a banner year for me. People are digging my shit and that’s awesome. I never imagined that I’d have a fan base, yet I do. Thanks for reading my work and I hope that you keep reading it.

I also plan on calling my fans Noeaholics. It’s got a damn fine ring to it. We should get some shirts printed. Just my face and the Noeaholics logo. By a count of hands who would wear that shit? Wait, I can’t see you. I think any year could be awesome if you remember that life is just a ride. We have all had ups and downs throughout 2015, but with the new year is full of possibilities. I plan on changing nothing. I am going to drink a shit ton of coffee, write my fingers to nubs and continue to be awesome. That’s all I can do. I have nothing that I want to change, or need to change. I think I should implement more bacon into my diet.

So I guess if I have to say what I’m going to do in the new year I plan on watching Mindy sleep, do more of the Buffalo Bill Dance, shake it like a Polaroid picture, read more, and finally buy a damn hammock. It’s not a resolution. It’s just a plan. It’s a way to instill some excitement into the new year. This has been an amazing year and damn I wonder what 2016 has in store for me?