Hot Chick Radar

     So let’s explore some issues that truly seperate the men from the women. Aside from the obvious let’s explore the intelligence of women. Men and women differ in thinking and a lot of times it may seem fucked up but it makes sense to them. You have to understand that a lot of women have been treated unfairly by men and guess what? You’re a man so you’re guilty by association.

     Men though are just as fucked up in their line of thinking. If we date one crazy bitch they’re all crazy. Even if we like a woman we’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop. The woman we’re seeing may be perfectly sane but due to our experiences we know at some point she’s going to turn out batshit crazy.

     My problem for a long time was that after my wife and I split up I had the menatlity that all women were bitches that didn’t deserve my respect. That line of thinking doesn’t change over night so I can relate to women that think all men are assholes.

     It takes a long time to change your ideas about relationships and even when the relationship is going well you still look for the exits just in case. It’s just how we’re wired. Even when things are going well there’s always the possibilty that shit will go bad.

     What I don’t get is why we always have to discuss how many people we’ve slept with. I don’t wanna know how many dudes have slept with my girlfriend. It’s none of my business and women need to stop asking. It’s not a conversation we ever want to have.

     Why the hell do women ask that? They always say they won’t get pissed but they always do. If you blurt out a low number it’s still too high. When any woman hears the number it turns into a fight. Who needs that shit? It’s better to not ask.

     As men we are always going to be accused of looking at other women. If you’re with a woman and you’re commited to her other woman don’t matter anymore so stop asking us if other women are prettier than you. It’s bullshit and the answer should be obvious. Am I with her? No, I’m with you so that alone should be enough. Don’t ask a stupid question and don’t tell us we’re lying when we say no.

     Women are great at mindgames. They learned them from their mother so men need to understand that women are always 10 steps ahead of us. No matter what we think we’re men so we’re stupid. We can’t convince them that we have any common sense or intelligence.

    The hot chick radar that all women have amazes me. Most men are clueless and don’t even know what I’m talking about and then there are quite a few men that know exactly what I’m talking about.

     Hot chick radar will fuck up a relationship and don’t think for a second that your girlfriend doesn’t have it because they do. Women are very territorial even if they say they aren’t. They want other women to know that you’re taken so they will mark you.

     Once you decide that you’re in a relationship you’re marked. Test out the simplicity of this. In a crowded bar or grocery store don’t hold your girlfriends hand. Don’t even reach for it.

     What’s going to happen is she will grab your hand and do it in a way that says this is my dude bitches get to steppin’. They may not be jealous but when you’re with them she make sure that other females know that you’re taken.

    Guys are idiots when it comes to women. We may be in a commited relationship and be madly in love but we will still talk to other women. Not because we’re attracted to them but we just want to see if other women find us attractive.      Due to our spouses and girlfriends being territorial we can longer look at or even talk to other women. You can try but at some point you will be accused of either wanting to have sex with her or actually having sex with her. The best advice is make sure you’re spouse or girlfriend is ok with you having female friends.

     The hot chick radar that women have is rather amazing and complex. Any time your girlfriend visits she knows how many women live on your street. Doesn’t matter if they’re single or married because they’re women. If you talk to a female neighbor you can’t hide it. She already knows and will store it for use at a later date.

     When she surprises you with it you’ll be asked why you didn’t tell your spouse or girlfriend that you talked to this woman. Any answer you give at this point is wrong. There is no answer. If you say I didn’t think it was a big deal you’re going to be yelled at and confined to the sofa for awhile.

     The radar will trip you up all the time. Your spouse or girlfriend has female friends that actually keeps tabs on you when your not with your spouse or girlfriend. It’s a network of radars to catch you acting stupid.

     We have to remember that women may be awesome but they’re also evil without meaning to be. Once you commit you’re on lockdown and the invisible fence has been erected. You wearing a shock collar and don’t even know it.

    I always know when I start dating not to act stupid. You’re spouse or girlfriend knows when you’re lying so my advice is don’t do it. You can’t always tell when a woman is pissed off until they let you know. They could be pissed off for a week and wait until you’re asleep and then unleash hell.

      Ever been woken up by a pissed off woman? It’s not fun and there’s no way to defend yourself. Women are Jedi’s and will wear you out and beat you down before you even had a chance to speak. Women are smarter than we are and nothing we can do will help change that.

     Our mother is the same way so we know from a young age that women are smarter and better than we are. Women already have all the answers we just have to figure out the questions. Does that make me weak or even a pussy?

     Not at all because when you sit and think about it we have spent our entire lives around women so we already grew up thinking that men for the most part are stupid blundering idiots. The sooner we accept that the better off we’ll be.

     Any fight we have with a woman doesn’t have to happen if we’ll just say; “You were right honey, I was wrong. I’m sorry” Most women just want to hear us say it even if we’re right and they’re wrong. No woman has ever been wrong ever.

     I’m learning that very slowly. You would think that when I’m right I’d get some big ups but all I get is; “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I can’t win and even when I was married I was never right ever. How is that possible? The odds should be in my favor at least once.

     Men, this is very important and will close out this blog due to severe eyerolling from women. We don’t control our houses. We may tell other dudes we have our shit on lockdown but once we walk in the door it’s over. We’ve lost control.

     I’m walking into a situation where I jokingly said I was the boss of the house. I got an eyeroll and realized that the 50/50 split was more like 40/30 until she bats her eyes at me and then we’re looking at 40/10 and that’s in her favor.

     I tried to man up but she just laughs at me and guess what? She’s a woman and I have no control at all. She has no idea just how cute she is so going in I know I’m screwed but why complain? I just go with it and am thankful I get to be the boss when she isn’t home.

     I may seem like a total pushover and I agree but the hot chick radar has left me powerless. As long as there are woman I’m screwed. It’s not like I have a choice. I am all about women and sometimes it’s totally worth losing control as long as an amazing woman is beside me.

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