A New Direction

     I always assumed I’d be writing horror. When I became a writer it was a no brainer. It was a place I felt the most comfortable, and welcomed. When my first book was published I was excited to be included in the splatterpunk genre because that’s where I called home. As I began writing though, something interesting happened. I began to drift further and further from splatterpunk. The Darkness of the Soul was an attempt to challenge myself a little, and it sort of worked. I’m proud of the book and how it turned out, but that was the beginning of the shift away from horror. Legacy 2 is my last full fledged horror novel. Balls out splatterpunk, but it’s deceiving in a way because of how it was released. It was written before Darkness so it feels as if I’m returning back to my horror roots. As a writer I’m constantly exploring, and evolving. All writers do that, at least I think they do. 

     The problem was that I was no longer having fun writing horror. I wanted to challenge myself and see what I was capable of. Horror was fun for awhile, but it was to constricting. When I began writing Out With A Whimper I was able to write a novel with some elements of horror but there’s a great deal of dark humor to it as well. I set out to create an anti-zombie novel and I did. I threw out all the rules of the genre to create something unique. I was having a lot of fun writing and I wanted to go further. You can say I sold out, but I see it another way. With the new direction I found that I could inject a lot of my own personality into my work, and keep most of the elements people enjoy. The same dark overtones, the same black humor, but most importantly I’m having a great deal of fun. Aware was the moment I realized that the game had changed for me. Would people accept it? Jesus, did I really sell out?

     This was just a natural progression for me. I’ve been reading a lot of books outside of the horror genre and that’s crept into my writing. Ideas that I could never explore as a horror author can now be explored and it’s fun. Will people accept the new style? If not there’s a lot of other readers that aren’t horror fans that will embrace the new stuff because it’s so different. I was worried about what fans would say when they heard about the new direction my writing was taking, but in the end, I had to do what I felt was best for me. We all grow and evolve. No one stays in the same place forever. The hard part is expaining why you’re doing the things you do. Some get it, some don’t, but it’s expected. 

     The one thing I can assure you is there won’t be any attempts to go mainstream. Aware is too weird for that, and as I work on the follow up to it, I can say with some assurance there’s no chance in hell I’ll ever be beach reading material. If anything, I want to challenge people to think a little. To explore subject matter with a weird little twist at the end. It’s still dark, it’s still messed up which is a trademark of mine. I don’t even know what genre the new stuff is called, or could even be marketed as. That’s up to the publishers, not me. That’s why they make the big bucks isn’t it? As a writer I’m just following my gut, and that’s really all I can do. Maybe some day I’ll make a dramatic return to horror or it’s possible I won’t. Who knows. I just hope people continue to read my stuff and enjoy it. To the fans who follow me on this new journey you better strap in. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride. 


A Word Of Advice

People amaze me. They do. I have no faith in humanity at all and there’s a reason for that. When someone who has been labeled a cancer and a pariah keeps getting sympathy for pulling the same shit over and over again you have to begin to realize that maybe, just maybe the person you’re defending is slime. I am one of those people that won’t take sides. As an author I try and stay as neutral as possible because if I act like a dick, people will remember that. You don’t want other publishers to think you’re an asshole. Makes it really really hard to get published.

I like writing, and I like the majority of the authors that I’m in contact with. The horror genre is like a brotherhood. They will go out of their way to help you out. I make myself available and if anyone has questions or needs help I hope they know that they can ask for help and I will. I know what’s it like to break into this business. Make no mistake, this is a business, and one that I happen to love. As a published author I have a reputation to uphold so normally you won’t hear me bitch and moan about anyone because it’s just unprofessional. No one wants to see that shit on Facebook. Why would they? You have a problem you contact the person in question and get shit settled.

I have ignored a lot of shit but I also have a lot of respect for my publisher. J Ellington Ashton Press has been a phenomenal company to publish with. They are exactly what you expect from a publisher, but based on the claims and bullshit one person has spewed you wouldn’t know that. You see there’s a guy who still lives in his parents basement and tries like hell to make himself a victim. Problem is that people actually believe him. He has these cheerleaders and puppets that all support him, and fail to see that he is a cancer. This man claims that he never does anything wrong, and that he is constantly targeted for some reason. If you look at this pattern you will see that he is the problem. Not the various publishers he has tried to dismantle.  The problem is that the pattern will once again repeat and then what? Will you begin to see that he is the problem not them.

Now I have to defend myself against this man’s efforts to claim something he didn’t write as his own. When you file a claim that says a book is your intellectual property you aren’t just making the publisher look bad You’re also affecting the other authors. The thing is that his puppets and cheerleaders are all urging him on. They say take back what’s yours. I have a contract that says otherwise. You don’t own shit, and you aren’t shit. As a writer I will not allow some ass hat to claim my work as his own and therefore making it hard for me to work with JEA and other any publishers. The words “intellectual property” are like a red flag for legal departments; another publisher sees that, and its all over for those of us involved with Splat.

Splat is a JEA title. The authors all have contracts saying that we own our stories. You can claim to own the intellectual property but the fact is you don’t and you know it. I will fight as much as I have to to keep my story where it is, and I will also defend my publisher because unlike you they have a solid reputation. This is a company that has proven themselves to be trustworthy. You have not and will continue to be a cancer that at some point needs to be dealt with. The problem is you. Always has been and this time I’m not going to sit on the fence. I am going to make sure you’re finally dealt with and I hope this time no other publisher will deal with you. In other words; Fuck you.

Floppy Hats And Ghost Whisperer

Has it really been four months since my last blog? I should offer an apology or something but I’ve been busy and well, and I honestly haven’t had a whole lot to say. Life’s been good. I haven’t got a reason to complain and bitch. What advice can I give you people that hasn’t already been given? I think I should use this to update how my writing career is going. I have to say that it’s crazy that I am now a published author. I’m actually doing what I set out to do when I was twelve or so. As a horror fan I want to try and add to the genre and try and keep it fresh and interesting. I think all writers have that same goal. If you find that you have nothing to offer why in the hell would you keep writing?

For me life hasn’t sucked in quite some time. You would think at some point the wheels would fall right off the fucker but so far I’m still rolling along. The ride has been smooth as fuck and I’m not even wearing a helmet which I don’t recommend at all. What if the wheels fall off and I hit my head? There goes my writing career. I can’t write if my brains are leaking out of my head. It would look kinda cool, but messy as all hell. I would need a drip pan so could pour them back into my skull. I’d look like Frankenstein’s monster. I doubt that I would even be able to walk let alone write and wiping my ass would be totally out of the question. I would need to have someone do that for me. I would just yell:”I made a doody!” And someone would be there to wipe my dirty ass. What a job. You can glamorize that at all.


As you can see nothing’s changed. I am a selfie taking machine. Life is all about living and doing whatever you want as long as you don’t hurt anyone. It took me a long time to get to a place where I am totally satisfied with who I am and what I’ve accomplished. I have an amazing woman beside me that supports me which is important. You have a lot of people who are in relationships that want to change the person they’re with. That makes no sense to me because that changes the person you fell in love with, I met someone who I enjoy being with and she loves me even when I do shit like this.


I like that hat and wanted to buy it but Mindy said no. Mindy is a huge influence on me and I was worried that being in love with someone would make me soft and shit, but I still have my edge which is a good thing.

I do have to confess that I have been binge watching Ghost Whisperer. I had no idea that this was a chick show until Mindy pointed it to me.


Jennifer Love Hewitt can see and talk to ghosts which sounds pretty bad ass. I thought it was anyway. I think sometimes you just need to unwind and watch something mindless and yes, I have also been known to watch some Charmed, but that show is fucking bad ass. These are sisters who are witches!  That’s the problem with Netflix. There is so much shit to watch and sometimes I may watch the occasional episode of Pretty Little Liars but does that make me a wimp? I bet I’m not the only guy that watches this shit and for the record Jennifer Love Hewitt is hot. I said it and I have no shame in saying it.

On the writing front Legacy II has been picked up by JEA and I have a ton of new stories coming out in a few anthologies. You can follow me here http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00NJG34BO and here https://www.facebook.com/michaelnoeslegacy?ref=hl

When will this stuff be released? I have no idea but check those websites out occasionally and pick up Legacy if you haven’t already.

The Influence Of Horror

I have to admit that when I said that I liked Happy and Shake It Off I knew that it would make me look weak. I write horror for God’s sake! What kind of horror writer am I if I’m listening to bouncy, sugar fluff? No one is going to take me seriously so I have to step it up a little. As a writer influences come from everywhere and I sometimes draw characters from people I see on a daily basis. If I see someone that looks a little fucked up or drunk I may actually use that. I saw an old lady walking one day and she had a hunch back. Normal people won’t use that for anything but if you’ve seen my Facebook or Goodreads page you’ll know that my reading habits and posts are sometimes full of sarcasm and irony. https://www.facebook.com/splatterpunkmonkey, and the books I’ve read really fuel the question of what is wrong with you? https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8289470.Michael_Noe

Back to the humback lady and how normal people would just walk on by. Me, I have this vision of this lady walking around looking for people to suck the life from. The more people she kills the younger she gets. Her eyes may look bank and expressionless but her soul is alive and vibrant. I think the reason that I have such a warped and twisted imagination is due to the era that I grew up in. In the eighties we weren’t all politically correct. We had this huge fear of the devil but no one really tried to tell you that what you thought or believed in was harmful to others. We grew up listening to heavy metal and watching Jason and even Freddy carve the fuck out of people.. People may have said that what we were watching was harmful but it was fun to watch.

If I trace my twisted imagination i guess it fed off of the vintage Stephen King and album covers from bands like Iron Maiden and Slayer. Heavy metal still plays a huge part of my writing. As I write this I’m listening to Cradle Of Filth.


I love this record and it shows that as a horror writer heavy metal just fits right into what I write about. You can listen to the most insane, satanic, blackened symphonic death metal and be inspired to write something that people will be repulsed by, The stuff I write would fit right in with stuff like Cannibal Corpse and even Morbid Angel. There truly is beauty in the dark. As a horror writer you need to embrace the dark a little and while other horror writers may not listen to this kind of stuff I do. It’s all a part of me and why I write the way I do. I am a horror junkie that truly loves the dark side of music. it just fits.

There are all sorts of sides to me that all make me who I am an even what kind of writer I’m evolving into. People may just see the dark, sarcastic side and assume that that’s who I am all the time. or that because I like to write stuff that is extremely dark and twisted I must be some kind of weirdo. Not true at all, but highly amusing.

We are all influenced by something. I think as a horror writer my influences are just a bit more scattered. It’s harder to hit a moving target isn’t it? You have to keep growing or else you begin to grow stale and boring.

Hello, wanna see a magic trick

     I would love start out this blog and be a total dick. It would be a lot of fun to be a douche bag who is so full of himself that people would actually send me hate mail. I read somewhere that someone had actually shit in a box and mailed it to the person they hated. That’s a lot of fucking hate. You really have to hate someone a lot to take a shit in an empty box and mail it to someone. That speaks volumes. That’s a lot of hate. There were no words. Just the shit. I guess words aren’t needed in a situation like that. Do you wake up and think; “Screw that motherfucker! I’ll show him!” Would you take the box into the bathroom or just kind of hover over it in the living room? Then you have to decide between bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Packing peanuts would really put an exclamation mark on the hatred. Imagine digging in and discovering there’s a shit in the box!

     My favorite way of showing hatred is bottling. Bottling shows a band that they suck. They start playing and all of a sudden it’s a sea of bottles headed toward the offending band. Sometimes the bottles are actually filled with piss and one band was pelted with shit. Think about it for a second. Some one took a shit in their hand and threw it at a band that wanted nothing more than to play music for a bunch of people. You really have to hate a band a lot to stop and shit in your hand just throw it. That’s some serious dedication. People are really bummed about the bottling but I figure if you pay to see a show and a band on the bill sucks why not cut their set short? You paid good money to see good music so take the piss to the shitty bands.

     I can’t  be an asshole or a dick because it’s not who I am. Am I sarcastic and a bit dark? Sure but I could never just become someone I’m not. That takes balls. The reason I’m writing about this is because I recently discovered that my book is being published. Part of me wants to write that in all caps and a lot of swagger. It’s really mind blowing to know that I have a book coming out and I love that it’s through an indie publisher. I support indie publishing and to be a part of that is pretty fucking cool. I’m in a group of writers that write because they enjoy it. They still have real jobs because their books may have an audience but it’s a small one. I just hope that someone likes my book enough that they’ll actually buy it. It’s weird to think that my book will actually be on someone’s Kindle or backpack. It’s humbling to think that of all the books they could have bought they decided to buy mine.

     I want to be the kind of writer that interacts with his fans. The people that bought the book are important to a writers growth and if you’re a dick to those people they’ll remember that shit and when the next book comes out odds are they won’t buy it. Deep down I’m still a fan of books so nothing has changed for me. It’s a little nerve wracking because I have no idea how people are going to react to it. That’s something I think about a lot but so far the general consensus is that it’s good and the parts that I giggled at, they’re giggling at. It shows that my sick sense of humor is shared by others.

     Now that I have a book being published are there any other goals I’d like to accomplish? Of course there are. Have you seen how hot Kat Dennings is?


That is one of my goals. Never going to happen but it’s nice to have goals. Goals keep us grounded and make life fun. If I were dating I could never tell you that she’s one of my goals. If I do ever date will Kat no longer be a goal? If I meet a woman that interests me then Kat will be removed along with my second goal


      For now all I can do is mentally prepare for my book to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting public. I can’t wrap my brain around the fact that I not only wrote a book but a publisher liked it enough to release it. I am now a published author. Does it change anything? Nope, cos there are people out there who don’t do a lot of book learning and there are also those who tend to steer clear of the splatterpunk genre. They have weak hearts or stomachs or something, I dunno. There is an audience for the type of stuff I write which is good. If there weren’t I wouldn’t be writing this blog. The big question now is what do I do? I’d like to go to Disneyland but I can’t afford it.      


     A friend of mine wanted me to blog about my recent novella but I almost didn’t write this because I have befriended a lot of writers on Facebook and I didn’t want them to get paranoid and think that I’d want them to look at my manuscript. On the opposite side I didn’t want people to think that I wrote a novella because I happen to interact with some writers on Facebook. The more I thought about I figured if I present it the right way people will get a pretty cool blog about me finally finishing my first writing project in 16 years. That is something I’m really proud of and in the end I wanted to write about it because there’s a lesson here as well. Who knows maybe it’ll inspire someone and allow them to try and do something they never thought was possible. Life is funny like that isn’t it? You just have to open yourself up and want to be inspired. If you want to accomplish anything you have to shove aside the what ifs and just go for it.

     I have always been a huge fan of horror and as a kid I was into all sorts of weird shit. I saw Gene Simmons spit blood and blow fire and it changed how I saw rock bands. It was crazy that a band could not only blow shit up and spit blood but they would do it wearing face paint. When I started reading I was always into stuff that other people deemed inappropriate but it wasn’t because I wanted to draw attention to myself or maybe make my peers appear unintelligent I was just doing what I loved to do. Reading Stephen King in the third grade didn’t seem that odd to me and I couldn’t understand what the big deal was. These were the same people that taught me to read and encouraged me to read but suddenly what I was reading was a big issue for people. I hated doing book reports because I would always get asked if I really read the book and then it was rejected because they didn’t feel it was age appropriate. Well, shit, thanks for teaching me how to read and then making me feel like a freak.

     I was always into to dark subject matter. I would watch horror films and read horror novels and somehow I became this well adjusted adult that never killed anyone and has never leaned toward violence against another human being. My teachers were wrong. They should have supported me but they chose not too and it really bothered me. I never really thought about writing until I read Pet Sematary. That book was the gate that swung open and I thought; “I want to do that!” I was in the fifth grade and I had no idea how to write and I sure as hell didn’t know what I had to do to become a published author but once I wrote my first story I was hooked. In the 6th grade we had to all come up with story ideas and mine were always so fucked that I not only would get an A but the teacher would remark that I was pretty morbid. The other kids weren’t half as good as I was but I think writing just always came naturally to me. It’s something you’re born with. My teachers were impressed that my english and writing tests showed that in the fifth grade I was already reading at a twelfth grade reading level so while they still gave me shit about what I was reading they kind of expected some off the wall shit because I was already ahead of  my peers.

     I kept writing for a long time thinking that I would get published. Never doubted it but then I got married and had my first child and just simply quit. I no longer had the time for it and to be honest I had no money to go the traditional route. In those days you needed an agent to sell your manuscript and that took money that I didn’t have. By the time I had my twins writing was just something I used to do. From 1998 until about a month ago I didn’t write anything except this blog. I always wondered though if I could still do it though but then I thought no, I’m too old now. There’s no way. I pushed the idea away and just never really tried to do it. When my marriage fell apart three years ago I got an itch to try and write but I just brushed it aside because my time was gone. I couldn’t really have a career in my thirties could I? With the publishing going digital it started to become easier to become published. A lot of writers are putting their own books out without the help of a publisher and they’re doing it because they love writing. Money isn’t a motivating factor and I have to say that that appealed to me. It sounds crazy but if you love what you’re doing people will find you. That’s what Facebook and Goodreads are for. You can build a fan base on your own without a major publisher or any money geared toward marketing. Three fans with a Facebook account can go a long way.

     When I decided to write again I never thought that I would get published. For me it was all about seeing if I was able to string together a few coherent thoughts and make something out if it. I figured the idea that I had was a perfect novella and as I wrote it I started to remember how much fun I used to have and I was still having a blast. I was a bit rusty but once I started disciplining myself I found that I was getting better and it made me feel good that after all these years I was still pretty good. I thought I was but the jury’s still out on how good it actually is. The writing came easily and the words just kind of flowed. I knew exactly how the story would end and the fun was getting it there. I also realized that I’m glad I never pursued a career as a writer because I don’t write normal mainstream stuff. I never have and believe I have tried to write mainstream stuff but eventually the darkness bleeds in.

What scares me is that I’ll wake up one day and find that I’m no longer able to read or even write. I don’t want to be one of those people that always think what if. I still write in the same style I did when I was fifteen so it’s nice to see that splatterpunk is still around even if it’s under a different moniker. I do love bizarro but I have no idea how to write in that style. You give me a nail gun though and I will have a lot of fun writing a scene around it. If people like it great and if they don’t that’s fine too. I am forty years old and no critic is as harsh as I am. I dunno if this is what she had in mind when she asked me to write a blog about my writing but this is what I came up with and it does explain a lot of interesting things but it isn’t exactly what she requested.